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The Pasadena Police Activities League (PAL) was first introduced to the community in 1997.

For over a decade the program has enjoyed steady growth and support. Today, the program enjoys the support and leadership of Chief Phillip L. Sanchez, whose commitment to enhancing the lives of Pasadena Area youth is resolute.

The PAL Center offers an array of activities designed to enhance the educational, athletic, and artistic experience of young people. PAL continuously strives to realize its mission to “Encourage Pasadena Area Youth to be Good Citizens through a Partnership with the Pasadena Police Department.” The goal is to reach youth at an early age in support of their development by fostering positive attitudes toward authority figures, while providing a safe and stable environment after school to do homework, socialize and participate in structured summer activities.

The PAL Center is located at The Salvation Army Recreation Center, 960 East Walnut Street. An average of 85 students participates daily in the after school program, with an average of 110 members actively participating during the summer program. PAL members receive tutoring, homework assistance, personal development training, and computer training. Other activities include art classes, horseback riding, soccer, boxing, martial arts, golf, and culinary arts. Since its inception, more than 3,000 youth have benefited from the Pasadena P.A.L. Center Program.

While there are numerous admirable youth programs in operation, PAL is unique in that it adds one key ingredient, Police Officers. This relationship serves to support the concept of “Building the Bond between Cops and Kids.” PAL has become a part of the fabric that forms a safe Pasadena. Our staff pays close attention to the thoughts and opinions of PAL members as we play a vital role in their development.

Police Chief

A Message from Chief Phillip L. Sanchez

Pasadena Police Department:

The Pasadena Police Department exists to serve the community. The Pasadena Way is the framework of our service and is the common thread bonding us to our community partners and our children. The Police Activities League program allows law enforcement to reach children at a vulnerable, formative age to provide structured after school and summer time activities. Through sports, homework tutoring, computer sciences, culinary arts, mentoring and so much more, we strive to enrich the lives of children and “Encourage Pasadena Area Youth to be Good Citizens through a Partnership with the Pasadena Police Department.” In my youth as an Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America, I have fond memories of participating in adventurous and educational activities that helped influence and shape my future. I believe youth programs like PAL strongly contribute to the success of our youth and develop a solid foundation for our future leaders.

Thank you for supporting PAL and visiting our PAL website.

Phillip L. Sanchez

Chief of Police

Mission First, People Always


















The Board of Directors is tasked with managing PAL’s organizational affairs and fundraising. The board works closely with the Pasadena Police Department and PAL Staff to ensure that PAL’s organizational mission is implemented. The PAL board meets once a month to review and discuss the current status of the PAL program and its finances, and makes managerial level decisions regarding the direction of the program and the expenditure of its funds. The board also coordinates and plans PAL’s fundraising efforts, and explores opportunities for PAL to foster and expand its organizational and institutional partnerships.

The board fundraises year around, with the PAL Golden Badge Awards held each spring as its marquee event. PAL relies on an annual stipend from the Pasadena Police Department for its core daily operations, but the Board’s fundraising is critical to PAL’s ability to offer a diverse array of cultural and academic enrichment programs, expand enrollment, and ensure that PAL’s students are able to participate in unique educational and social activities, field trips, and other experiences that make PAL a special program for Pasadena’s youth.

Board directors are volunteers, comprised of an energetic and compassionate cross section of the community. Their drive to make PAL a positive and impactful youth program is essential to the success and sustainability of the program. PAL’s board members welcome inquiries about PAL, the board, and partnership opportunities.”

Sarah Horner Fish

Tom Sawyer Camps

Lori MacPherson

Strategy & Marketing Consultant
Vice President

Lieutenant Tracey Ibarra 

Pasadena Police Department
2nd Vice President

Melanie Clark

Northern Trust

Roland Trinh 

Lagerlof, Senecal, Gosney & Kruse, LLP

Barbara Baptie

Banker/Realtor (Retired)

Laura Berns

The Berns Team, Real Estate – Keller Williams

Jody Davis 

The Salvation Army

Lisa Derderian

Pasadena Fire Department

John Latta


Lynn Kornmann

Dilbeck Real Estate

Jillian Mazziotti

YP Marketing Solutions

Brett Moisa 

Bolton and Company

Eva Monroy

Jordan Nedeff

Real Estate/Pacific Union International

Bob Rodger 

Fitness 19

Kristen Schwarz Jones

DBS Law Group

Mona Shulman

The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens

Leslie Sobol 

Lucas, Horsfall, Murphy & Pindroh

Jill Hawkins 


Geoff Johansing 

Insurance Offices of America

Lance Polverini

Merrill Lynch

Meshell Sohl 

Mimi et Cie.

Usha Sutliff

Lafayette Group


Donate to Pasadena's P.A.L.

Since its inception, P.A.L. has served over 3000 members throughout the City of Pasadena. In addition since starting the mentoring program, P.A.L. has seen a 42% increase in members' GPA that utilizes the homework assistance through the school year. During the summer, P.A.L. operates on a Budget of $18,000.00 which includes admission to various museums, professional sporting events, amusement parks, as well as transportation and office supplies. The fee for any child to become a member is $40.00 dollars a year. The fee does not begin to cover what the program offers each member, but the overall experience, being able to bond with a police officer and be exposed to things that they possibly could not afford to do because of their family’s economical status is PRICELESS.

Funding is provided through various fundraisers and in-kind donations from business owners and private citizens. Individual giving from generous donors is the cornerstone of our organization. We could not do it without you & every little bit helps!

To become a member of the P.A.L. Program, download the P.A.L. Membership Application by clicking the button below.


The PAL Center 960 East Walnut St.
Pasadena CA 91101

207 N Garfield Pasadena, CA 91101

Please call after 2pm
Email: info@pasadenapal.com

School Year: 2:00pm - 5:30pm
Summer: 8:00am - 5:30pm